Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Turkey Creek to Halls Creek

What a morning, we all got up very excited and could not wait for the helicopter ride. Josh was almost running over there when it was time to pay and go for the ride.

Cathy sat in the front, Chels and I sat on the sides with no doors and Josh sat in the middle and soon after we were all buckled up we were up, up and away! Chels and Josh could not control their smiles as the helicopter rose above the ground and headed of towards the Bungles. We had no real idea what was in store.

The pilot asked if this was our first time in a helicopter and when Josh answered yes, he said it was his first time as well! Nothing like a confidence boost as you are flying away!

We got a running commentary from our pilot, Woody, and heard about his stories and the area we were flying over. What amazing scenery we saw as we flew over. It was quite cold and very windy sitting on the sides with no door but the experience was breathtaking. We were able to ask questions of Woody and Josh took the opportunity to quiz him on what he knew.

I will let the pictures show you what we saw, even though they still do not do it justice, as it is very hard to put what we saw and experienced in words.

The helicopter flight lasted forty-five minutes and the time passed very quickly but the experience was well worth it. We still would have liked the opportunity to see and feel the Bungles but this was the next best thing. Something we will all never forget.

For the record, no-one was sick although Cathy did say that there were three times that she felt close to it. The pilot had told us to look at the horizon and this fixed the problem for her.

When we returned, Colin and Marilyn had arrived and so it was a quick pack up and move so that they could get their van in and depart for their drive into the Bungles.

Of course just after they left I found that we had a flat battery and so had to get someone from the service station to help us get started. I sorted this out at Halls Creek, where a new battery was placed in the car to prevent any further problems of this sort.

Halls Creek was an interesting town with an Aboriginal problem, we had been advised that Saturday night was party night and the locals fell asleep in the streets where they stopped. Luckily for us there was a game of footy in the afternoon and the footy oval was a fair distance from the caravan park. As this was the scene of the party for the night, we only had the dull thud of the music in the background until about 4:00am and it started again just after 6:00am.

It could have been much worse, the night before the party was across the road from the caravan park and the noise was very loud and went all night. Thankfully we missed that!


Jon mac said...

Hi Guys,
I have read all your blogs since you started out.. You must be missing the winter... Ha ha .. You making me really jealous, we travelled around Oz for a year, 3 years ago..
Keep on writing , safe travels, enjoy your endless summer .. Jon.

Georgie said...

I wish I was with you. That ride in a helicopter must have been awesome! I missed raeding your blog while you werent writting. Good to hear you are still having a great tiME.
Love Georgie