Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Darwin to Katherine

We had planned to travel from Darwin to Katherine and so expected it to be a rather boring day in the car watching the road go by. We were up and on the road but not in any real rush as we were not doing any sightseeing on arrival in Katherine as this was our second visit.

It is Darwin Cup today, and so the Territory, well at least the part we are in is all closed down for the race

It was boring until we came across another mass of water in the middle of no-where. On our previous visit to Katherine we had missed Edith Falls and so made a slight detour this time to see what it had to offer.

Well to our surprise, there was a very big car park, picnic area, kiosk and other facilities for the day tripper and the small camping area. The actual waterfalls were nowhere near as big as some of the previous falls that we had seen, but the swimming hole was massive.

It was a very warm day and we were all ready to jump into the water and cool off yet again. As it was a fair swim to the actual waterfall I was the only one to venture this far, everyone else stayed near the side, swam and cooled off.

It never seems to amaze us how such a big expanse of water or a spring can appear out of what seems nowhere and provides water, normally very fresh for the surrounding area. I think that there is nothing better than swimming in some of these waterholes and floating by the cliff faces, looking up and realising just how big it is and how small I am. This swimming has really been a highlight for me, I love the beach, but really do enjoy these places as well.

It was then into the car to complete the short journey to Katherine for the night before we made the right turn and headed for Western Australia!


Georgie said...

Looks like you are getting to experience one of the best and funnest things. Swimming in waterholes and sitting under waterfalls. Love Georgie

Georgie said...

oH AND i'll just add that i love doing that!

Beth said...

Good to follow your journeys. Sounds like Darwin area was good. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey as haven't been Darwin, Perth. The photos are great!

Nigel said...

where 'o where are you?