Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fitzroy Crossing

No real rush this morning as we had plenty of time to sit and relax before heading off to Geikie Gorge for a cruise up the Fitzroy River.

Well, sometimes you really do not know what to expect and this cruise proved to be one of those times that no expectation was there to be met. When we arrived for the cruise we met Colin and Marilyn again as well as Mrs Springs(Bev), the secretary from Chels & Josh’s school, and Ted her husband. We knew that they were on the road but this was the first time we had met up with them.

Back to that cruise, it went for about one hour, cost $25 and was well worth the money. Have I mentioned before about the great masses of water that we keep coming across while on this journey, only once or twice, well today is another great example of this. The amount of water we saw was amazing and when the guide explained where the wet season high water level mark was, it was almost too difficult to comprehend the amount of water that must flow

The rock formations were created by the flow of the water, mainly in the wet season. The wet season level was about ten to fifteen meters above the current level and carried a large percentage of Western Australia’s fresh water supply. This is really a big amount of water that flows in the wet season and would be worth having a look at when it was in full flow. The problem is that Fitzroy Crossing is often isolated during this time and is not accessible by road.

The same as many other places, there are a few jobs available in this town, including the Information Centre that was also looking for staff. I do not think that the family would think this a great place to move to.

Time for another freeze in the pool and then relaxing for the rest of the afternoon.

Life is really tough!

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