Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fitzroy Crossing to Broome

Time to move on to our next point, Broome and after packing up we were in the car and on the way.

While driving along the road, we saw a big hollow Boab tree, a good place for morning tea. We had seen some big trees already, but this one was the biggest we had been close to. When we had a look, the middle of it was hollow and we were able to climb inside.

Great I thought, another chance to lose the Mother-in-law along the way. After she had climbed in, I tried to get everyone into the car and drive away, but of course someone had to spoil this effort and had to help her out. The whole in the middle was big enough for everyone to climb into and have a look around.

We then headed off to Broome, unsure of what we were going to get as we had been advised that we were in the overflow area. I had booked this park about three months prior, and still got the overflow at this time. We were however pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find the site was equivalent to many other sites we had stayed in, not a problem at all.

After settling in and setting up, it was time for a swim in the pool, still chilly but not as cold as some of the others we had been to so we were able to enjoy some time in the water.

It was then time for a walk down to the beach to see what it looked like, not sure what I was expecting, but it was much better than I had expected with white sand and a lovely blue water. What did surprise me was that the sea water was cold, I had expected it to be a lot warmer than what it was. The kids had a splash and that was enough for today.

It was quickly back to the beach later to look at the spectacular sunset over the water, we said we would be back to see more of this.


Georgie said...

Hello Guys,
How are you all. My Mum and Dad have been inside that Boab tree!

Georgie said...

Cant Wait Till U Get Back!!!! 9 Days