Monday, September 8, 2008

Broome Day 2

When we woke, we could hear the beach calling us so Josh and I set off on our morning bike ride and rode along the beach for a while and then returned for breakfast.

We headed into town for while and had a look around the shops buying a few souvenirs and other things. We spent a while here before we had morning tea and headed back to the van before heading down to the beach for a swim.

Once we were all ready we all headed to the beach for a swim and relaxing morning on the beach. W had decided to take the car and maybe park on the beach while we had a swim but what we did not know was what we were heading for, A NUDIST BEACH! The problem was that the age of the people there was sixty and above! Not a pretty site at all. By he sounds coming from the others in the car, some squeals and gee whizzes, they were all in a state of shock and not sure where they should look. An education for all! Sorry there are no pictures that we can publish here as children are reading this blog!

We then made a quick exit and headed to the other end of the beach for a swim in a safer area. The water looked fantastic but was still very cold, it is still very surprising how cold the water is here.

We met Clive and Maria, from NMIT, this afternoon on the beach where they were relaxing in the sunshine getting a suntan. They have flown to Broome for a week to escape the Melbourne cold weather and enjoy some of the heat we have been experiencing for the last few weeks.

After a swim it was back to the van to get ready for the camel ride that everyone was looking forward to.

We arrived on the beach to find the camels all lined up and ready to go and after a briefing we were lined up beside our assigned camel ready for a ride. There are two parts to a camel ride that make it quite hard, the standing up and sitting down of the camel. If you have not done it before, it is quite a sharp jolt as the camel rises from the ground.

We had a ride for an hour as the sunset over the water. Our camels were called Cloud (mine), Jahill (Chels & Skinny) and Zarah (Cathy & Josh). It turned out that Jahill was the tallest and most fidgety of all the camels that we had and provided Chels and Skinny with some interesting moments. It wanted to overtake the camel Cathy & Josh were on and kept making noises and jumping around, quite amusing to watch.

We later went to visit Clive and Maria in their where they were staying and after a pleasant evening returned back to the van.

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Clare said...

Hey Guys,
sorry that i have not written in a while. Looks and sounds like ur having fun. I would have loved to ride the camels, although they wouldn't of have the best. Love ya 4 eva
love clare